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“Gaelyn is an absolute magician with the camera. She has an incredible gift working with light and capturing the perfect shot. When I spoke with her before the shoot about the types of shots I was looking for, I could have never  imagined how well she would deliver, and go over and above my expectations. She is graceful, poised and patient with the camera, and I could not be happier with the results. Work with Gaelyn

if you want your innermost essence captured.

—Cait Scudder, Yoga teacher, Life/Business Coach

“Gaelyn's work is beyond words. It truly is an experience . . . and the finished product is well worth every penny. She creates a space that is easy, fun and on point. She is a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for photos for any occassion. She has an eye for detail and creativity, which is a perfect combination. She is also very fast at completing the final touches on the finished product. You will thank yourself if you chose Gaelyn to capture your moments.”

—Melissa Mackey, World Class ModernDay Mamapreneur & Speaker

“Gaelyn has an incredible talent for really seeing and capturing the essence the people she photographs. On our Bali retreat she did an incredible job of capturing our goddess clients. They have all since gone on to use those shots for their branding and marketing, which has helped to expand their businesses to the next level. I love Gaelyn!”

—Nicky Glover, Co-Founder, THELEDGE.CO

“Gaelyn, thank you for being in my world. I know we shared a short encounter, but it was a powerful one. It is through you and your intuitive creation which has allowed me to understand myself more deeply. Through these photographs I see memories and stories which are coming through some words I am writing. Deep gratitude for your offering to assist those into the New World.”

—Kirsty Targrass

“A delightful, daring, delicious experience of

embodying the Goddess in me.”

—Mynoo Blackbyrn, Global Leader,

Best-selling author of  "The BE Book."

“Each time you allow your inner Goddess

to shine, you become the "glow in the dark"

for someone else to shine”

—Angelica Jill Grace

Once the photoshoot started there was an air of magic in the

room, Shakti had arrived. The essence of the feminine was

emerging powerfully in each of us as we moved and flowed, embodying our inner essence in front of the camera. It felt

like a moving meditation not a photoshoot.”

—Kelly Oldershaw

This Goddess photo shoot was a

transformational celebration of

all that I AM.”

Nehanda Nyanda Rusere,

Dance Instructor, Life Coach

“Working with Gaelyn was such a treat! I love the whole process she took us through as a couple and as an individual. She made being photographed such an empowering and

playful experience. She has such a good eye and operates

from a place of very high integrity and ease. The end-result photos are precious and I’m enjoying them both professionally as images for my website AND as family treasures. Her retouching is subtle and perfect as well, she gives you lots to choose from. The total experience was a valuable full package deal. I would recommend if you are in Bali take the time

to plan your day with Gaelyn. You will not regret! Enjoy!"

—Amara Samata, Founder Inner Guidance Institute

“We would highly recommend Gaelyn's photography. She was so easy to work with and made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera. She has captured very intimate moments in our lives that we will cherish forever. She done several photo shoots for us throughout our daughters first year of life and to witness

the transformation in our daughter is truly beautiful. We are so grateful for this talented woman. She is so professional and is so exceptional at capturing the perfect moments.

I felt so loved and held and that shines through each image!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

for your passion, talent and beautiful heart.

You are so talented!

—Saskia Naomi Filana

“Gaelyn is a talented photographer who seems to

know exactly the right time to hit the shutter.”

—Toby Loneragan

Our family has been blessed to have a couple of photo sessions with Gaelyn and she's not only an incredibly gifted photographer but she also is such a joy and a pleasure to be near. Our whole family felt very comfortable, relaxed, and joyful during the session and were able to really be themselves for the photos. Gaelyn is very talented and can create a magical photography experience with beautiful results. I highly recommend her.

—Lindsey Wise

Working with Gaelyn was a gift!  She created such a nurturing, rich experience . . . not at all like other, prescriptive shoots I've done in the past.  She knew exactly what we needed to feel grounded, present, and safe throughout the shoot.  During intimate moments, Gaelyn shot with grace and sensativity; she went above and beyond to make sure we got the best outcome, without compromising the nuanced moments unfolding before her eyes. The shots were beautiful . . . she made us look and feel like Goddesses!  Gaelyn, thank you for your talents, your commitment to beauty, and for spreading your magic to the world!  I can't wait to work with you again!  xo

—Angela Rauscher, Yoga Instructor

My experience working with Gaelyn was a real treat. I loved her easy-going presence and up-for anything attitude.

The photos she captured were UNREAL. Magical and beautiful, and I am so so pleased with them. It was my

first proper-photo shoot, yet I felt calm, excited, and supported the whole time. Gaelyn brings with her a blend

of funky and grounded, it was so refreshing, and the chats in-between the shots were fun, too! I highly recommend working with Gaelyn, she is a wizard at her craft! Thankyou SO much Gaelyn!

—Kelly Roland, Creator at Edges of Ecstasy

“Gaelyn captured the sweetest moments during

my women’s retreat. Photos that will be shared for

a long time and that will carry the heart of my

intentions and the intentions of all the

women that joined me.

I am forever grateful!”

—Audrey Sarquilla

“Gaelyn did a magical job capturing my vision for our photoshoot. From lighting to greenery, she was able to capture moments worth holding onto. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with her and would absolutely recommend her for bringing your vision to life”

—Sam Girard

“Gaelyn did a magical job capturing my vision for our photoshoot. From lighting to greenery, she was able to capture moments worth holding onto. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with her and would absolutely recommend her for bringing your vision to life”

—Sam Girard

Working with Gaelyn from pre to post-retreat was a phenomenal experience. I love how she took so much time ahead of the retreat to work with me to deeply understand my aesthetic vision and intentions for her captures. I loved how I barely had to manage anything during the times when she joined us on and off site during the retreat — the content captured is so beautiful and absolutely reflects the energy of the experience with a high degree of authenticity

and beauty. Gaelyn truly excels at capturing

people’s soul essence — which was the

main reason I was drawn to work with her

in the first place. I can’t recommend her highly

enough and I look forward to co-creating more

magic into the infinite future and beyond!

—Sydney Campos


I would love to say a million times, “Thank you Gaelyn for such a great yoga photo shoot in Bali!”  Gaelyn is the perfect photographer if you are looking a person who really understands your needs and dreams. She’s able to create a magic world from real life, just by capturing special moments, lights and scenery. We had a lovely time together and I was really surprised that she could understand—without words—the most important aspects that I was wanting during the photo shoot. Gaelyn has a great eye and sensitivity, especially for catching the little details of the photo. I will recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for a photographer to evoke their innate beauty and happiness! I hope to have more photo shoots with her in the future! Namaste Gaelyn!!!

Agnieszka Kowalska, International Yoga Instructor


Gaelyn’s photography brings out the genuine essence of people with mythological magnificence. She did a few photo shoots of our Sacred Femininity group and made the women feel at ease with their unique flow. We played by a magical waterfall and our energy field became one with the beauty of nature. She creates with passion and loving attention to how light and color weaves into her art. We look forward to more

co-creations with her!

Minke de Vos

Co-founder of Tao Tantric Arts

Author of Tao Tantric Arts for Women

Gaelyn is magic. Our private photo shoot updated and up-leveled my whole brand. I originally hired Gaelyn to shoot photos for my 9th Goddess retreat in Bali. Having photos taken is such a sensitive issue for women, and I needed a photographer who could make my women feel safe through the process AND produce gorgeous photos of who they really are, as they are (not all air brushed and fake). Gaelyn delivered! ALL my clients love their photos and are using them personally and professionally. Gaelyn is truly gifted and kind. Gaelyn is the FIRST photographer I’ve ever hired for a private photo shoot after my retreat, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thank you Gaelyn!

—Morgana Rae

I am in tears whilst writing this - tears of gratitude, and

wonder, and joy, and love, and so many, many

poignant and powerful emotions!!! 

My body is tingling and surging with electricity and

pure Goddess energy.  
Words cannot express how totally liberating and

empowering the entire process with you has been - right from our initial connection on that first day — and now to seeing that liberation and power in the visual imagery.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! From you being you - and for  allowing me to feel, and see me!

I have no idea how I'm going to choose . . . I may need to

process this for a few days first as I am totally overwhelmed in

the best possible way

So much love for you, and your powerful gift
Jo Johnson

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